Thomas More, the husband

Thomas More

Today is the memorial feast day of Saint Thomas More, known for his great learning and integrity. There is a lot that could be said about him, but I’d just like to pass on a little humorous  tale from an old book about More:

Early during More’s marriage Erasmus came from Rotterdam to visit the More household at Bucklersbury in London, and what he saw there provided him with the basis of a tale which he wrote years later. It was the story of a learned man who endeavored to educate a young wife by “getting her to repeat the substance of the sermons she heard.” Copious weepings and expressions of misery being the only result of such heavy instruction, the husband finally appealed to his father-in-law. “Use your rights,” he was told, “and give her a good beating.” When the husband refused to adopt such drastic measures, the father feigned such a rage and became so disagreeable that the frightened girl was glad to seek solace in the soothing arms of an understanding husband.


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