Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve, and my family has no plans – we’re just all together.
Well, actually my sister and her fiancé are not here at the moment – they are trying to return a rental car. They were told that they could return it before 5pm, but weren’t told the place closes at 1pm. They now have to drive 40 minutes to demand to return it at another location, to keep from being charged $600 for another day.
We’re (almost) all together, but my 5 month old nephew is teething and won’t stop crying and my sister (from out of town)’s dog is tearing things apart. The car also decided to get locked in reverse, and now it is stuck out in front of the neighbor’s driveway, turned diagonally.
It is Christmas Eve, and I also have a sorrow in my heart that would take too long to explain.
I can explain, however, that in the midst of all these – the dog, the teething baby, the car, the rental, the sorrow, there is a light promising to shine. Faith in Jesus Christ and anticipation of his coming is giving me peace, and making me a servant to my family.
It is Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!


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