Mass Translations

I’ve been excited about the new English translations of the mass ever since I heard about them. Better, as Catholics of the Latin Rite, to risk erring on the side of faithfulness to the official Latin text of the mass, than to err on the side of accommodating contemporary American ways of speaking and thinking. In other words, I think we need to be Catholic first – biblically and liturgically rooted, a people set apart. In no way should our experience of the liturgy blend into our daily lives, but rather, as a sanctified time on the sanctified Day of the Lord, the liturgy should be a constant springboard for the Holy to break in to and transform the commonplace. Only when we set aside sacred time, does the rest of time also become sacred.

Good translation: “The Lord be with you. And with your spirit.”

Current translation: “The Lord be with you. And also with you.” ??!!?

What in the world?!? (at least it wasn’t “you too.”)

I’m just glad it will change. It will be a gift to the Church.


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