Nurture the Mustard Seed

A possible reflection for this Advent:

Imagine that a tiny seed–the seed of the Kingdom and of Jesus Christ–has been planted in your heart. It has been implated by your baptism and your faith. No matter how unworthy you are to hold it, it is a fact that it has been entrusted to you by God. If you sin gravely, you will cast it out–but God is generous in restoring what He had once given for those who repent.

Call to mind this seed throughout the day. Know that you must nurture it for it to grow into the great tree that it is to be, for it to transform you into the image of Jesus. Avoid anything that will hurt it, and look for ways to water and feed it. Let the light of the Sun of God shine on it as you adore Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, feed it as you receive Him in it. Commit acts of charity to water it. As you tend this seed, remember that it is God who causes the growth. Ask Him to do so–in yourself and in others.

You have been chosen as a vessel for this gift of infinite worth. Protect it. Tend it. Long for the time when it will be full grown and glorious. The Blessed Virgin Mary is the greatest example to follow in this regard. Meditate on the little that she says and that is said of her in the scriptures.

When Jesus comes again, he will want to see how you have nurtured this seed.

Peace, Brothers.

– Mark John.


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