Vivere Christus est!

Greetings, brothers and sisters in Christ! Welcome to Vivere Christus est. The purpose of this weblog is to help support people trying to live their lives in Christ in today’s very troubled world. I hope that my posts and your responses will serve that purpose well. I hope that they will contribute to the building up of the Church by promoting the unity in love that is and is to be ours in Christ Jesus.

I feel like these hopes are tall hopes to have–I think this in particular because of my personal estimation of my own weaknesses–but I also think that Our Lord calls us to have the virtue of magnanimity. If to live is Christ, then let us be unafraid to do great things for him, or, as Blessed Theresa of Calcutta (Mother Theresa) said, to do “small things with great love.” We know that we have his help in all that we do according to his will.

May the Lord God give us the grace to live in Christ and do all things for Christ. May he plant in our hearts such a desire for the fullness that he promises to us, that we may come to believe with St. Paul that, in fact, “death is gain.”

Welcome, again, to Vivere Christus est.

God’s Peace.

– Mark John


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