Pilgrimage with the Living Christ

I recently read a friend’s wise post about being single (or should I say, “a wise friend’s post about being single”? Both are true). In my opinion, “Nell” writes of the pains and joys of life with wisdom and grace. What else shall I say? … I think she bears witness to the fact that vivere Christus set, et mori lucrum. I … Continue reading

“War means innocents will die, women will be made widows and children will be made orphans”

Mark Shea made an interesting post at National Catholic Register on war. I really enjoy the rhetoric he consistently employs against war; rhetoric that we don’t seem to hear enough of in American Catholic circles. My opinion is that too many of us let the foreign policy and ethos of the republican party influence our … Continue reading

Lent is now here

Lent is beginning today. Here is a great video from Fr. Robert Barron on the practice of this Holy Season.

To put it in a nutshell: “They are THAT important”

One ought to at least presume that the Church’s teaching on contraception has some thought put into it, that it is defensible – that there are intelligent, thoughtful, normal people convinced of it, and that there is at least some plausibility to their reasons. Is that too much to ask? Is it too much to ask that the Catholic Church get a fair hearing?

Reason why I love being Catholic # 2,342:

Roman Catholics have an official blessing prayer for beer.

The HHS Mandate and Moral Reasoning

If you haven’t heard about the Obama Administration’s recent, controversial Department of Health and Human Services mandate that employer covered insurance plans fully cover contraception (including abortifacients), and sterilization, then you must have had your head in the figurative sand. The religious liberty of Catholic institutions and other groups that oppose these products and services … Continue reading

The Return of the Blogger

Woo hoo! After about a years absence, I’ve returned to blogging! ……[grasshoppers chirping]……. Hey, lets not get too excited! :p Okay, so nobody really cares — In any case, if you are tuning in, tune in again very soon for posts on a variety of topics you’ll hopefully find interesting and informative, and add your … Continue reading

Speaking with conviction

This video is great – check it out! (thanks to wdtprs)


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